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“Family feel”: Penrith SES branch launches recruitment drive

The call is out for more locals to join the SES.

Bradfield takes off: Plans for new airport city revealed

The long-awaited Master Plan for Bradfield City Centre - the new airport city - has been released to the public today.

Council endorses appointment of new PP&VA Directors

Penrith City Councillors have tonight approved the appointment of four new members to the Penrith Performing and Visual Arts Ltd Board.

Father’s Day: How to celebrate your dad in Parramatta on Sunday

From a classic pub feed to watching a blockbuster movie, there’s plenty of ways to show your dad just how much you appreciate him this Father’s Day.

No rest: To’o wants to play on as Finals loom

As Penrith count down the weeks until Finals footy, superstar Panthers winger Brian To’o says he refuses to rest even if he gets the tap on the shoulder from coach Ivan Cleary.

Council abandons plan for $200,000 overseas study trip

Penrith City Council has abandoned plans for a $200,000 overseas study trip to Amsterdam, the United Kingdom and Paris.

More details emerge about Penrith accountant’s alleged fraud activities

A long list of individuals and businesses are involved in the case against Penrith accountant Ben Carter.


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Lang on League: How Panthers will survive burden of Origin

If there’s one thing this couch coach thought Premiership-winning coach Ivan Cleary got wrong last year, it was the handling of the team during the 2021 State of Origin series.

ALP to form government; Lindsay stays Liberal at Federal Election

The Coalition has lost government, with Anthony Albanese to become Prime Minister.

It’s on: Australians to go to the polls on May 21 to decide next...

The Federal Election has finally been called.

The 10 biggest local news stories of 2021

We look back at an extraordinary year in Penrith.

Reserve to be named in honour of icon of Penrith’s past

Local settler Thomas Smith will be recognised with a Thornton reserve named in his honour.

Tighter restrictions in 12 suburbs within Penrith LGA

Penrith has been added to the list of Local Government Area with tighter COVID-19 restrictions after case numbers increased significantly in recent days.

An incredible history: Memories and magic at Penrith Park, home of the Panthers

We look back at the remarkable history of Penrith Park.

Gladys goes hard: Harsh, unprecedented restrictions in New South Wales

More restrictions will be implemented in New South Wales as the state continues to deal with its latest COVID-19 outbreak.

Western Weekender Mother’s Day Promotion

The Western Weekender will be running a special feature leading into Mother's Day. The feature will run on Friday, May 7 and will feature...

Panthers lock up Crichton until end of 2023

Boom Penrith centre Stephen Crichton has re-signed with the club for a further two seasons.

Red Cross turns to youth in search for volunteers

Red Cross Penrith is looking for fresh blood in a search for new volunteers.