Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Western Weekender has recruited a host of local experts to tackle important issues that matter to you. You can see more expert columns in our print edition every Friday.

Legal Issues with Daniel McKinnon

Brought to you by Complete Legal and Conveyancing

Fences can be a dividing issue

A few times each year we get contacted by clients who are at war with their neighbours about dividing fences.

Business & Team Training with Amanda Aravena

Brought to you by Unique Team Training

Behavioural profiling can help you to understand your team

The case studies below explain some of the common behaviours in the workplace, as well as WHY they behave this way – it’s simply their DiSC profile!

Finance with Mark Stevenson

Brought to you by Bell Partners

What election result means for home buyers

With the Federal Election done and dusted, what can prospective home buyers expect from the new Labor government under Anthony Albanese?

Money Matters with Alex McKenzie

Brought to you by Future Financial Services

Early financial habits can last a lifetime

At our office, we firmly believe the earlier you start saving, the better.

Health with Emma Nasif

Brought to you by OnePointHealth

Interior Design with Mary and Caitlin Donnelly

Brought to you by Hot Properties Staging & Styling

Nutrition with Kate Reid

We’ve lost the middle ground

For as long as I can remember my Opa has had a bowl of ice cream for dessert every night without fail. For as long...