Flashbacks and Fun

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The incredible story of the “lost movie” filmed at Mulgoa in the 1920s

Mulgoa, Wallacia and Luddenham starred in the 1920 movie 'The Man From Snowy River' - but you're no chance of ever seeing it.

The rise of water polo in Penrith in the 1970s

Did you know that water polo enjoyed huge popularity in Penrith in the 1970s?

Gallery: Penrith Pantherettes through the years

We look back at the Pantherettes through the years...

Flashback: Olympics had huge impact on Penrith

We look back at the 2000 Olympics in Penrith.

Remembering Dick Smith Electronics

There was a time when if you needed something that had a power plug or a battery, Dick Smith Electronics was the place to go.

Waltons: An iconic history in Penrith

"You're welcome at Waltons". The slogan that defined a retail powerhouse in Australia through the 1970s.

Remembering Hayden Twin Cinemas in Penrith

Costing a whopping $2.5 million, Mike Walsh’s Hayden Twin Cinemas opened on the corner of Lawson and Henry Streets in Penrith on Friday, December 18, 1981.

Forgotten shopping strip: Remembering Penrith Mall (1985 – 1996)

Did you know that High Street was closed to traffic between Woodriff Street and Station Street for many years?

How good was The Black Stump?

Don't forget your shop-a-docket!

Spending more time at home? Here’s 10 TV shows to binge watch

With lockdown returning in New South Wales, we're all spending more time at home. We've compiled a list of 10 TV shows you can...

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It's time for a delicious quiz! Test your knowledge of classic restaurant history, with a little Penrith twist...