Ivan Cleary can’t be ignored for Dally M Coach of the Year

Imagine not giving your Coach of the Year gong to the man who guided his side to the Minor Premiership by four competition points?

Ungrateful NRL must keep Grand Final in Sydney long-term

Why the Grand Final must stay in Sydney long-term.

Opinion: Dominic Perrottet’s government is in freefall

Politics has a way of following cycles, particularly when it comes to the end of a government’s reign.

The Manly seven: I just can’t feel sorry for them

There is plenty of blame to go around as far as the Sea Eagles’ pride jersey debacle is concerned, and much of it lies with the club itself and the farcical way it has handled this whole process.

New stadium and showground’s future are separate stories that ended up colliding

On the surface it seems like a classic David v Goliath battle that would suit a sequel to ‘The Castle’.

NRL threatens to blow up its perfect scenario

Why Sunday Origin must stay.

Showground is logical site for new stadium, even if it delays project

As it stands we are just six games, or 480 minutes, away from the curtain coming down on Panthers Stadium as we know it.

Where it all went wrong for Labor in Lindsay

While there is much to celebrate for Anthony Albanese and Labor after last Saturday’s election win, plenty of questions are being raised about the party’s local campaign and why Lindsay fell so dramatically out of play for the ALP.

Dodds: My final verdict on 2022 Federal Election

The Weekender's traditional election eve column has landed.

Please just shut up and vote: Why what you do on election day really...

A special guest opinion piece ahead of Saturday's election.

The great myths of election campaigns

Nothing brings out hypocrisy, misunderstanding and total ignorance like an election campaign.

Labor’s housing plan full of red flags

There is no question that saving to buy a house is harder than ever before.

Penrith rides the radio waves

Troy Dodds reflects on Penrith's storied radio history, as further changes to the local scene are rolled out.

Transport Minister needs to get off the bus

I’m writing this column on a train trip into the city. Recently, the journey’s been taking so long that the half-empty carriage is the place for all kinds of life management.

It’s clear governments must respond better to natural disasters in the future

As tends to happen in times of disaster, Australians are putting their hands deep in their pockets to help those impacted by floods in northern New South Wales.

Penrith isn’t like it used to be, and that’s not such a bad thing

Often some of the worst things said about Penrith come from within.

Outgoing Chairman leaves Panthers in far better position than he found it

There may be a Federal Election just around the corner, but it seemed like the only poll anyone was talking about in Penrith last week was the Panthers’ Board election.

When all is said and done, ScoMo’s 60 Minutes interview achieved its purpose

It was very much mission accomplished for team Morrison.

It’s our duty to keep the joy of cinema-going alive

Going to the movies is one of the great relaxing escapes for me.

The old tricks won’t pass muster this election campaign

If the last few weeks of this ‘election campaign that’s not an election campaign’ has proven anything, it’s that both major parties will need to adjust to a new way of campaigning in 2022, particularly in the shadow of COVID.