Cleary has Panthers perfectly placed for quiet premiership assault

The Panthers are flying under the radar - just as Ivan Cleary would like.

ABC is critical, but not immune from reality

Troy Dodds with his take on the recent ABC cuts.

We can all do better, but cancel culture must not win

George Orwell once said (or didn’t say, depending on who you believe), “the most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate...

Is our steady ship going off course?

The road out of Coronavirus is becoming rocky, according to Troy Dodds.

Alan Jones a winner until the end

It's the end of an era in radio.

Cinema’s likely closure another cultural loss

It is inevitable that, as you go through life, things that once meant the world to you will suddenly fade into the past, no...

NRL’s financial woes deserve some context

Is the NRL really a financial basket case?

Taylor Talks: Lawns lacking love

It's time to get the mower out.

Taylor Talks: Bank statement confusion is a lesson to businesses

Like most of you, I've been enjoying my fair share of take-away during the pandemic.

Council gets innovative during COVID-19 crisis

The outbreak and spread of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our community over the past few weeks. There’s no question that this is a difficult time for everyone.

Opinion: Hazzard must apologise to health care worker

The unfolding situation at the Newmarch House nursing home in Caddens is extremely sad and very concerning, with the next few days to determine just how deep the outbreak goes.

What does ‘normal’ look like in a post-Coronavirus world?

The word 'normal' has been thrown around a lot lately. 

Opinion: Coronavirus impact continues to hurt

Troy Dodds' column deals with the latest Coronavirus developments.

Welcome to 2020, where overreacting is the new norm

Have we become too precious?

Opinion: Rugby union faces its biggest test

What to make of rugby's TV crisis?

Retail re-think needed in fight for survival

Troy Dodds says it's time for a shake-up of the retail world.

Sad loss of two of Penrith’s finest

I want to pay tribute today to two people whose affinity with Penrith was both long and proud – Barry Leavett-Brown and Al Palmer.

Opinion: Morrison walks a tightrope

Can Scott Morrison survive his summer from hell?

Curtain comes down on another year

2019 was a year of tragedy and triumph.

God bless those Americans

I’ve never seen people so upset about saving money.