Sunday, September 19, 2021


If you’re not getting vaccinated, you’re running out of excuses – and you’re letting...

If you’re not vaccinated yet, or you haven’t booked a COVID-19 vaccination by now, I can put it down to only a few reasons.

Does the State Government think the lockdown is over?

Has the State Government got ahead of itself as it powers towards reopening?

Go harder, Gladys: Why all Local Government Areas should be under the same rules

Troy Dodds says it's time for to be in this together, again.

Businesses drown while Premier provides little assurance money will start flowing

Seven weeks into the COVID-19 lockdown and so many businesses forced to close down by the State Government haven't seen a cent of support. 

14 COVID lockdown thoughts from the past week

Some COVID-19 and lockdown thoughts that have entered my head this week...

Our leaders can’t leave us to fend for ourselves

More support needed from both levels of government.

The disconnect is growing: Public quickly growing tired of fumbling COVID response

Frustration grows at our nation's COVID response and lockdowns.

COVID fatigue, but vaccine remains our key to normality

If you’re feeling like you’ve got COVID fatigue, you’re not alone.

Opinion: Penrith has become a city of doers

Troy Dodds on why Penrith has become a mighty place to live.

Hayne should keep Dally Ms: History must exist, warts and all

Should the NRL press the delete button on part of its history?

Tale of the week: Lockdowns, Oscars and Emus

Troy Dodds looks at the recent WA lockdown, plus the Oscars and a miracle sporting win in Penrith.

A day to pause, reflect and remember

ANZAC Day is without doubt the most important day on the Australian calendar.

When it’s gone, it’s gone: Why making memories at Panthers Stadium is more important...

Change is inevitable, but we can still mourn what we're losing.

Flood event proves Dam wall should be raised

Raising the Warragamba Dam wall makes total sense, according to Troy Dodds.

Three decades of dedication to Penrith

The Weekender celebrates its 30th birthday.

Cheering for a Sydney lockdown is dangerous and irresponsible

Current case numbers do not warrant a widespread lockdown.

Thank-you for your support during a crazy 2020

Troy Dodds reflects on a massive year in 2020.

Premiers playing politics with border closures is a dangerous game

Premiers say border closures are all about health advice. But is that true?

Farewell Sizzler, we will miss you… kind of

On Sunday one of Australia’s most iconic and loved restaurant brands served its final delicacy before its doors were shut for good.

What a special week it’s been in Penrith

Sunday night’s decider could go either way, but nobody can take away the fact that our boys got there.