Penrith must embrace airport or risk being left behind

The new airport is coming - but is Penrith ready to embrace the benefits? Troy Dodds.

Jarome Luai faces a sliding doors moment. The end result doesn’t really matter.

Jarome Luai faces a fork in the road, but is likely not listening to any of the outside noise. Troy Dodds has his say.

Reset required: How we must move forward after Voice defeat

The Voice's biggest losers, and where we go from here. Troy Dodds explains.

Brenden Brown: Listening to the Voice or listening to voices?

It’s time we simply gave Aboriginal people a voice in their future, writes Brenden Brown.

It’s time to properly honour history of the Panthers

The Panthers are on top of the rugby league universe, which makes it the perfect time to properly address how the club's long history is recognised. Troy Dodds explains.

Not arrogant, just better: Panthers on the cusp of greatness

Doing the little things - and the big things - better than others has driven Penrith towards rugby league greatness, writes Troy Dodds.

What’s next for women’s sport after Matildas mania?

The Matildas have done their bit, now it's up to us - up to you - to take women's sport to where it belongs.

Bullies win, but sex book deserves to be on shelves

The controversy that erupted over the Welcome to Sex book suggests many campaigners - and some parents - aren't living in the real world.

What can we learn from the Taylor Swift ticketing fiasco?

How going old school won the day for local Swifties.

How government consulted PR playbook to release flight paths

The release of the flight paths for Western Sydney International Airport on Tuesday was a classic case of media management and PR-style politics, writes Troy Dodds.

Cops really are tops: Beyond the uniform

Incredible stories from the front line prove just what an extraordinary job our local police do.

Why we cannot ignore AI revolution: New tech is here to stay, but it’s...

If you’re not wondering whether this column is composed by an algorithm, perhaps it’s time you should be.

Yes, you should be back in the office

The laptop class can not suck on the teat of flexible working forever.

Are Foxtel’s days numbered?

Subscription TV provider Foxtel is increasing its prices in July, posing the question: are you still connected to Australia's most expensive TV service?

2003 Grand Final: A night we’ll never forget

As the Panthers prepare to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 2003 Grand Final triumph, Troy Dodds reflects on a special night in the club's history.

Why many will feel flat after Tuesday’s Federal Budget

Troy Dodds on why not everyone is cheering about the Budget being back in black.

Hey city folk, western Sydney is thriving and winning – even if you’re oblivious...

Troy Dodds says the west offers a lifestyle those in the city and east are completely oblivious to.

A son lost in the ugliness of war: ANZAC Day offers a chance to...

The first telegram arrived some time around May 1942.

Where $300 million stadium plan will likely land

Why the Penrith Stadium re-build is likely to blow up.

Unpacking the State Election bloodbath

Troy Dodds unpacks a State Election that has left the Liberal Party with plenty of soul searching to do, and the state with a new era under Chris Minns and Labor.