Monday, January 24, 2022


It’s time to change the COVID conversation

The COVID response in NSW has been confusing and confidence-shaking.

When a holiday is like joining survival of the fittest

Guest columnist Alan Mascarenhas reflects on his holiday to America - as Omicron sweeps the world and impacts travel.

Goodbye to a remarkable year: A special message from our Managing Editor

A special Christmas message from our Editor.

Is it time to give Dr Kerry Chant the keys again?

COVID cases are climbing, and there's a growing disconnect between NSW Health and the government.

Time to dump the daily COVID number obsession

Just before 9am each morning, the producers over at 'Sunrise' and 'Today' hover their fingers over the keyboards, and almost with nervous excitement wait for the daily COVID tweet from NSW Health. 

Stadium investment is a win for Penrith, but I’m not sure it passes the...

On the surface, last week’s announcement that Penrith Stadium would be knocked down and re-built into a state-of-the-art venue is great news.

Why we need to take Saturday’s Council election seriously

The great myth of elections is that politicians only show their heads when it’s time for people to vote for them.

Opinion: Lessons to be learned from Tyrone May saga

In the end the Panthers Board had no other option but to sack wayward Premiership winner Tyrone May.

Dear Premier, not just families go on holidays

Last week Premier Dominic Perrottet announced a plan to give families with school aged kids $250 towards accommodation and recreation.

Sam Frost, the end of lockdown and those partying Panthers

By now you’ve probably seen or heard about ‘that video’ posted by reality star turned actress Sam Frost.

Yes, it’s more than just a game

This Sunday’s Grand Final is another reward for those Penrith fans who’ve been at this caper for years.

If you’re not getting vaccinated, you’re running out of excuses – and you’re letting...

If you’re not vaccinated yet, or you haven’t booked a COVID-19 vaccination by now, I can put it down to only a few reasons.

Does the State Government think the lockdown is over?

Has the State Government got ahead of itself as it powers towards reopening?

Go harder, Gladys: Why all Local Government Areas should be under the same rules

Troy Dodds says it's time for to be in this together, again.

Businesses drown while Premier provides little assurance money will start flowing

Seven weeks into the COVID-19 lockdown and so many businesses forced to close down by the State Government haven't seen a cent of support. 

14 COVID lockdown thoughts from the past week

Some COVID-19 and lockdown thoughts that have entered my head this week...

Our leaders can’t leave us to fend for ourselves

More support needed from both levels of government.

The disconnect is growing: Public quickly growing tired of fumbling COVID response

Frustration grows at our nation's COVID response and lockdowns.

COVID fatigue, but vaccine remains our key to normality

If you’re feeling like you’ve got COVID fatigue, you’re not alone.

Opinion: Penrith has become a city of doers

Troy Dodds on why Penrith has become a mighty place to live.