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Podcast: On The Record – Matthew Freeburn

The Freeburn name is synonymous with business in Penrith.

Podcast: On The Record – Matt Jones

During the 1990s and early 2000s, Penrith's night-life was dominated by one club: The Daily Planet.

Podcast: On The Record – Graham Chapman

Graham Chapman is the latest On The Record guest.

Podcast: On The Record – Greg Alexander

Greg Alexander is one of Penrith's best-known sporting exports.

Podcast: On The Record – Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor was part of the emergence of popular Penrith radio station One FM in the 1990s, presenting the hugely successful Nights program before moving to Drive.

Podcast: On The Record – Kevin Crameri

Kevin Crameri and his family moved to Llandilo in 1952, and the veteran Penrith City Councillor has never left.

Podcast: On The Record – Prue Car

Born in Queensland, Prue Car grew up in Emu Plains and always had an interest in politics.

Podcast: On The Record – Andrew Paech

Andrew Paech is one of Penrith's most passionate charity leaders, dedicating much of his time to WestCare.

Podcast: On The Record – Wayne Willmington

In the latest edition of the On The Record podcast, Wayne Willmington speaks about his passion for Luddenham, his many businesses across the area, how he pioneered 24 hour video rental and his time in the competitive fuel industry.

Podcast: 2021 NRL Grand Final Preview

Troy Dodds and Nathan Taylor take a look at the 2021 NRL Grand Final.

Podcast: Weekender Wireless – COVID-19 and its impact on Penrith

In the latest edition of the Weekender Wireless podcast, Troy Dodds takes us through COVID-19 and the impact on Penrith.

Podcast: The latest on COVID-19 in Penrith

In the latest Weekender Wireless podcast, Troy Dodds provides the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic in Penrith.

Podcast: Weekender Wireless – COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown

Troy Dodds hosts a new episode of the Weekender Wireless podcast, focused on COVID-19 and the current lockdown impacting Penrith.

Podcast: Education through experience underpins Bec’s mission

Bec Slack is the owner of local business, Cleverstuff Educational Toys, a venture she took over in 2015.

Podcast: Sam Arnold’s inspiring story centred on sport

Sam Arnold has represented Australia across three sporting codes and this summer was a part of the Sydney Thunder WBBL|06 championship squad.

Podcast: Altruism and community drive Mark’s passion

Mark Geyer joins the Passion & Perspective podcast.

Podcast: Power of nature on display in Meaghan’s work

The latest episode of our Passion & Perspective podcast.

Podcast: South Penrith to Hollywood… Jason’s remarkable rise to the top

Jason Dundas is a global media icon and has hosted the world’s biggest productions, both locally and abroad.

Podcast: Terrance’s passion for pushing human potential

The latest episode of our podcast is available now.

Podcast: Rheanna creates connection through her artwork

The latest episode of our podcast is out now.