Monday, November 30, 2020


Penrith to top 41 degrees next Monday as first signs of summer emerge

Summer will sound its early arrival next Monday with Penrith expected to top 41 degrees.

More than 100mm of rain to fall in Penrith next week

Penrith is bracing itself for a wet start to next week with huge downpours predicted on Monday and Tuesday.

Rain causes chaos across Penrith, and there’s still more to come this week

Dozens of roads are closed, sporting events have been cancelled and some schools will shut down tomorrow after heavy rain lashed Penrith throughout the day.

Heavy rain to continue across Penrith

Heavy rain continues to fall across Penrith and up to 300mm could fall today, with locals urged to be on alert for localised flooding.

Huge rainfall to blanket Penrith in coming days

Penrith could cop more than 200mm of rain over the next five days.

Temperatures to soar above 40 degrees this week

Penrith is gearing up for a week of scorching temperatures with residents being urged to take care, especially on Tuesday and Thursday.

Penrith to get early taste of summer

It'll be 37 degrees in Penrith on Sunday.

Council pressing ahead with heat summit

With another hot summer ahead, Council is developing ways to ‘cool the city’

Thain calls for heat summit

Fed up with Penrith’s rising temperatures, Councillor John Thain is calling for a city-wide heat summit to look at more solutions to cool down...

Warning of hotter days to come

As Penrith residents continue to deal with a sweltering January, there’s warnings that it’ll only get hotter in the coming years. Ecosystem Scientist Sebastian Pfautsch...

Temperatures to soar in Penrith this week

Penrith is preparing for a week of scorching conditions with temperatures to soar above 40 degrees for five consecutive days, starting tomorrow. It'll top 35...

Locals urged to prepare for scorching temperatures

Temperatures are set to soar in Penrith later this week as the warmest weather since February arrives - an early indication of the blistering...

Penrith hits 42 degrees; slightly cooler for rest of the week

The worst of the hot weather is over for now, but temperatures will still remain above 35 degrees for the rest of the week. After...

42 ways to stay cool as Penrith prepares to swelter again

The Weekender team has brainstormed the top 42 ways to keep cool as temperatures soar above 40 degrees today and again right throughout the...

Penrith records highest ever temperature

A new temperature record has been set in Penrith with the mercury rising to a stunning 47.3 degrees in the region at 3.25pm today. Incredibly...

Scorching temperatures predicted for weekend

Penrith is preparing for a weekend heatwave with temperatures above 40 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday. Locals are being urged to be prepared especially...

Temperature record under threat as Penrith prepares for 44 degree day

Penrith is on track to break another temperature record tomorrow with the Bureau now predicting a top of 44 degrees. The record for the hottest...

Temperatures to soar in Penrith this week

Penrith will experience summer's full force this week with temperatures to soar above 40 degrees on Thursday. The mercury is tipped to hit 34 in...

Temperatures set to soar in Penrith

Penrith is poised to record its hottest ever September day with temperatures predicted to reach 37 degrees later today. It was 12 degrees at 8am...

Penrith poised to freeze through coldest ever morning

Penrith is set to produce some ironic weather history this weekend with the city likely to record its coldest ever temperature, just six months after...