Penrith records hottest March day in 25 years

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Penrith has recorded its hottest March temperature since 1998, with the mercury rising above 40 degrees this afternoon.

It hit 40.1 degrees at Penrith Lakes at 3.31pm, just 0.5 degrees cooler than the March record.

On March 13, 1998 the temperature reached 40.6 degrees in Penrith.

It’s the first time since January 2021 that Penrith has recorded a temperature above 40 degrees.

That’s right – Penrith has gone through two consecutive summers without a day above 40 degrees.

It’s a far cry from January 2020 when Penrith hit an extraordinary 48.9 degrees, setting a new record for the area.

Another hot day is expected tomorrow with a top temperature of 36 degrees, before a cooler end to the week.

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