At The Movies: Monkey Man



At The Movies: The Great Escaper

‘The Great Escaper’ marks the end of Michael Caine’s extraordinary career as an actor. But is it a fitting ending?

At The Movies – Bob Marley: One Love

Bob Marley lived by the belief that music could heal and bring people together.

At The Movies: Peppa’s Cinema Party

New Peppa Pig content on the big screen? Not surprisingly, it's a winner.

At The Movies: The Iron Claw

We're back at the movies, this time checking out wrestling biopic The Iron Claw.

At The Movies: Silent Night

John Woo’s new film, while set at Christmas and with a festive-sounding title, certainly isn’t about to become a holiday favourite.

At The Movies: Napoleon

‘Napoleon’ is not the spectacle-filled action epic that it promises to be.

At The Movies: Thanksgiving

Eli Roth’s ‘Thanksgiving’ probably won’t get the audience it deserves in Australia given the title doesn’t immediately resonate with local crowds, but it’s actually one of the more decent slasher flicks released in recent years.

Local director Heath Davis back home for film showing

After years of work on the project, a local director’s twist on Christmas is finally hitting the big screen, with a very special hometown showing.

At The Movies: The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

Cassidy Pearce checks out the new Hunger Games prequel. The verdict here.

Sir Cliff to light up cinemas – including in Penrith – next February

Music icon Cliff Richard is adding to the slew of concert films hitting cinemas, with ‘Cliff Richard: The Blue Sapphire Tour 2023’ making its way to Hoyts Penrith in February.

At The Movies: The Marvels

Is The Marvels really as bad as everyone says it is? Cassidy Pearce checked it out.

At The Movies: Saw X

If you fell in love with ‘Saw’ and its first sequel all those years ago, you’ve likely come in and out of the franchise since – and it’s been quite the roller-coaster.

At The Movies – Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

We check out the concert film that is taking the world by storm.

At The Movies: Retribution

Liam Neeson is back in the driver’s seat of a new high-stakes thriller in ‘Retribution’ – but why does it feel like we’ve watched this movie before?

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At The Movies: A Haunting In Venice

We take a look at new murder mystery, 'A Haunting in Venice'.

10 disaster movies to get your heart pumping

For those intrigued by the “what if’s” and the adrenaline found through disaster, here are 10 disaster films that are sure to get your...

At The Movies: Talk To Me

We're back at the movies, this time checking out Aussie horror flick Talk To Me.

The 10 movies that will have everyone talking in 2024

2024 is bringing additions to many much-loved series, even a few that no-one was expecting. It can be hard to keep track of everything,...

At The Movies: Dracula: Last Voyage of the Demeter

It’s a new take on an iconic horror character, but does ‘Dracula: Last Voyage of the Demeter’ live up to expectations?