At The Movies: Peppa’s Cinema Party

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Verdict: 3.5/5

If you’re the parent or guardian of a young child, you likely haven’t been able to avoid ‘Peppa Pig’ beaming into your lounge room over the years.

And like ‘Bluey’, which came much later, the likeable little pig and her family appeal to the adults in the room too – contributing to its worldwide success.

‘Peppa’s Cinema Party’ is the latest instalment in the franchise, a cinematic release of all new content – a win for the parents who’ve likely seen every episode on multiple occasions already.

With a few special guests along the way (including Katy Perry as Ms Leopard and Orlando Bloom as Mr Racoon), a through-line of Mr Bull and Mrs Cow’s wedding provides the platform for 10 new episodes, along with interactive shorts where the animated and real world combines.

From my perspective, a great hour of entertainment – but not enough Daddy Pig humour. We needed more of him over-estimating his ability ahead of disastrous and hilarious results.

But more importantly, from the two-year-old who was in tow with me, a standing ovation. A toddler whose attention didn’t leave the screen for more than an hour pretty much confirms this is a winner.

See this movie at Hoyts Penrith.

Troy Dodds

Troy Dodds is the Weekender's Managing Editor and Breaking News Reporter. He has more than 20 years experience as a journalist, working with some of Australia's leading media organisations. In 2023, he was named Editor of the Year at the Mumbrella Publish Awards.

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