Penrith Symphony Orchestra goes to the movies

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This Sunday, May 19, Penrith Symphony Orchestra is off to the movies, bringing the magical music from the screen to the stage.

In this special show at The Joan, Penrith Symphony Orchestra will be joined by the Festival Chorus for an epic program featuring some of the greatest soundtracks of all time, from the music of Morricione to Williams, and even game soundtracks like ‘Baldur’s Gate’, ‘Diablo’ and ‘World of Warcraft’.

According to Artistic Director Paul Terracini, the show will be displaying the ways in which the style and aesthetic of soundtracks has evolved over time to reflect the changing context and mediums available.

“This concert charts a course through some of the history of film and screen scoring, with icons from Hollywood’s golden age, such as ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘Kings Row’, to more recent classics such as ‘Gabriel’s Oboe’, and then on to more contemporary scores and ‘gamer music’,” he said.

Being joined by their choir, The Festival Chorus, also reflects the Orchestra’s core ethos of providing opportunities for local musicians, with many in the ensemble coming from western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Penrith Symphony Orchestra’s ‘At The Movies’ will be on at The Joan on Sunday, May 19 at 3pm. To book, visit, or call 4723 7600.

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