At The Movies: Civil War

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Verdict: 5/5

For 109 pulsating minutes, ‘Civil War’ pulls at the heartstrings, makes you angry, leaves you totally shocked and rattled and most of all, leaves you with one burning question: Could this actually happen in modern day America?

This chilling thriller tells the story of a modern day civil war through the eyes of a group of photo journalists covering the destruction of the United States, as the uprising attempts to take over Washington DC and bring down the President.

There’s veteran photographer Lee Smith (Kirsten Dunst), who has seen it all on battlegrounds – but is still haunted by what she witnesses every day. And writer colleague Joel (Wagner Moura), who is desperate for an interview with the President. And along for what is at times a dangerous and edge of your seat road trip across a crumbling America is old-school reporter Sammy (Stephen McKinley Henderson) and aspiring photographer Jessie (Cailee Spaeny).

‘Civil War’ could have made the mistake of building up to the conflict, explaining how we got here. It could have also opted to do that mid-film in a quieter moment, but it doesn’t. Instead it throws you straight into the action, and the ‘why’ doesn’t seem all that important.

The character development is so superb that when the inevitable happens and lives are lost, it hits hard. Brutally hard.

‘Civil War’ is not for everyone. It’s confronting, it’s heart-racing and at times it is terribly sad. But it is one hell of a movie – and definitely worthy of film of the year discussions.

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