At The Movies: Kinds of Kindness

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Verdict: 2/5

Death, dancing and a world ruled by dogs – ‘Kinds of Kindness’ might just be this year’s wackiest movie.

A triptych fable, ‘Kinds of Kindness’ is split up into three twisted tales with big-name actors Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons and Willem Dafoe at the helm.

The first fable, and in my opinion the best, follows a man (Plemons) who struggles to take back control of his own life from his domineering boss (Dafoe), after he is faced with a decision that will change everything.

In the second, Plemons portrays a policeman who is alarmed when his wife Liz, played by Stone, who was missing-at-sea returns seemingly a different person. This is where things start to get really weird and twisted and a little queasy. Probably best not to watch it after a big meal.

The third and final section of the film follows Emily (also played by Stone) as she searches for a prodigious spiritual leader for the leaders of her cult in some very questionable sandals, while also navigating an intense relationship with her estranged husband.

Every actor delivers a great performance as their many different characters, delivering some ridiculous dialogue completely deadpan, with Plemons the definite standout.

But even that might not be enough to save it.

Despite the title, there’s very little kindness in the film. It’s intense and uncomfortable to watch, and at times it feels more like a fever dream than a movie.

And with a run time of nearly three hours, ‘Kinds of Kindness’ is a long movie – and it feels like it too.

When it comes down to it though, ‘Kinds of Kindness’ just might not be my kind of movie. It definitely wasn’t for the dozen-or-so people who got up and left the cinema halfway through.

But for those who prefer their movies dished up with an extra serving of quirkiness, dark humour and cruelty, it might be perfect for you. Either way, it’s sure to be a movie people really love or really hate – director Yorgos Lanthimos has ensured it’s a film you can’t help but have strong feelings for.

Opens July 11.

Ellie Busby

Ellie Busby is a news reporter for Western Sydney Publishing Group. A graduate of the University of Hertfordshire and Western Sydney University, she is a journalism Major. Ellie has worked with Universal Media, The Cova Project and for a range of other projects.

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