At The Movies: The Fall Guy

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Verdict: 3.5/5

Action comedy ‘The Fall Guy’ is the perfect example of a movie that asks its audience to suspend reality while still delivering a good enough story.

Set in Sydney and boasting an all-star cast including Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Hannah Waddingham and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, ‘The Fall Guy’ is a remake of a 1980s tv series of the same name.

It follows stuntman Colt Seaver (Gosling) as he gets back into the movie industry following an accident as he tries to rekindle his romance with director Jody (Blunt).

A producer brings Seaver to Sydney to help find missing action star, Tom Ryder (Taylor-Johnson), who before his accident Seaver was performing stunts for.

As he searches for the M.I.A action star, Seaver finds himself drugged in a club and seeing unicorns all the way to fighting in the back of a garbage truck across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Despite the movie’s clear dismissal of reality, ‘The Fall Guy’ delivers an enjoyable 125 minutes where Gosling and Blunt’s natural charm are the saving grace.

The over exaggerated action throughout the film feels like its a message itself especially as director, David Leitch, is a former stunt performer turned director. It feels like a round of applause for all the hardworking stunt men and women who help to make the movies we see magical.

While the movie requires a certain level of belief suspension, it is an easy way to spend two hours with a few laughs.

See this movie at Hoyts Penrith.

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