Legal Issues

Informal contracts explained

Weekender legal guru Daniel McKinnon explains informal contracts - and why they're just as enforceable as a written agreement.

Swimming pool need-to-knows

Our resident legal expert Daniel McKinnon takes us through the ins and outs of building a swimming pool.

Explainer: What to do when someone passes away

Legal expert Daniel McKinnon explains the steps you need to take when someone close to you passes away.

Do I need to register my commercial lease?

If you rent a commercial property best practice is to ensure that your Lease is registered on title.

How to respond to an insurance company’s letter of demand

If you've received a letter from an insurance company following an accident, there's some important steps to take.

Selling or buying property before Christmas? Here’s what you need to do

Legal and conveyancing expert Daniel McKinnon runs us through the to-do list if you're planning to buy or sell real estate before the end of the year.

Four tips to prepare for the spring selling season

Expert conveyancer Daniel McKinnon says now's the time to prepare if you're planning to buy or sell this spring.

Explainer: What is a Statutory Demand?

There are different ways to commence debt recovery in New South Wales.

Should you pay an insurance company’s letter of demand?

How should you respond to an insurance company's Letter of Demand?

Explainer: What is a civil dispute?

In New South Wales, and in fact in all jurisdictions in Australia, the law can be divided into mainstream jurisdictions; criminal and civil.

What if someone dies without a Will?

If a person dies without a Will, this is known as dying “intestate”. An intestate Estate is divided in accordance with the formula set out...

Yes, you can still settle before Christmas

We are a mere four weeks away from the world going to sleep for a couple of weeks for the Christmas break.

Explainer: Power of Attorney

We look at a key estate planning document.

Preparing your home for spring selling season

We are already seeing activity in the property market pick up.

Selling this spring? Now’s the time to get ready

There has been much hubbub in the media recently about the inevitable collapse of the Sydney property market.

Stamp duty reform just around the corner

On Tuesday, June 22 the NSW State Government will hand down a budget that is expected to include the biggest reforms to stamp duty in decades.

Fences can be a dividing issue

A few times each year we get contacted by clients who are at war with their neighbours about dividing fences.

Explainer: Restraint of trade

If you have ever signed an Employment Contract or sold a business it is likely that you have committed to some form of restraint of trade.

Explainer: Alternative Dispute Resolutions

If you have ever been involved in a legal dispute, you have probably heard the term alternative dispute resolution before.

Property market update: Is the tide about to turn?

The media has been alight with content about how hot the Sydney property market has been for the past couple of years with record prices, limited stock, and high auction clearance rates.