Monday, December 6, 2021

Legal Issues

Things to do before you list your property for sale

At about this time every year we write an article providing some tips and hints around selling your property.

Fines and jail time on the cards for fake vaccination certificate users

Irrespective of your stance on COVID-19 vaccines generally, this is a matter of law, and the legal system needs to be able to penalise people who breach it.

Why Will Kits are bad news

Will Kits are seen as a cheap alternative to having your document drafted by an appropriately qualified Solicitor.

Getting ready to sell this spring

Tips to help you sell your property this spring.

When property co-owners go to war

People own property (real estate) together for a range of reasons.

Can my employer make me get vaccinated?

Can your boss make you get the jab?

Special Report: It’s not just a house, it’s a home – or is it?

For over a century Orchard Hills has been made up of sprawling farmland unaffected by large scale residential development like many of its neighbouring suburbs.

Explainer: Compulsory acquisition

In Penrith, we are witnessing a real-life production of ‘The Castle’ with the construction of the Badgery’s Creek Airport and unprecedented infrastructure investment in the area.

Explainer: Easements and restrictions

When you are thinking about buying a property it is important for you to understand whether or not there are any easements or restrictions as to uses that apply to the land.

Thinking about going into business with somebody?

Here's what you need to know.

A COVID-19 vaccine is coming, so what does the law say?

Debate continues to bluster along at breakneck speed as talk of a COVID-19 vaccine being available in early 2021 dominates headlines.

Explainer: What is ICAC?

ICAC explained in the wake of shock revelations from the Premier.

Advice for buyers and sellers as spring property season arrives

Thinking of buying or selling this spring?

Estate planning explained

What are estate planning documents and how do they work?

A strong property market makes for a strong community

A special offer for Weekender readers.

Why COVID-19 app concern is misplaced

The Federal Government has launched a contact tracing app called “COVID Safe” and is asking Australian citizens to download it, enter their details and keep the app activated to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

Consent orders in family law

The breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most difficult situations that a person can face, especially when it comes time to...

Employment law in the spotlight during Coronavirus crisis

Where do you stand during these incredible times?

Harsher consequences needed for fake news

In a world that demands freedom of the press, why aren’t there more consequences for fake news?

“You’ve been served!”: What it actually means

What the famous legal term actually entails in Australia.