Blast from the past: Five forgotten Penrith pubs

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We take a look back at some famous hotels in the Penrith region that are now long forgotten…

The Nepean Hotel

Photo: Australian National University.

The Nepean Hotel at Emu Plains came into existence in 1937, but it was a local watering hole long before that.

Originally The Emu Inn, it then became the Orient Hotel before it was re-named as the Nepean.

These days, O’Donoghues Irish Pub stands on the site.

Hotel Federal

Photo: Australian National University.

The Federal was located on High Street, becoming a true working man’s pub in the centre of town. It was located on the north side of the street between Woodriff and Station Streets.

According to reports, drinkers would often spill out onto the footpath, causing the odd drama.

The hotel closed in 1976.

Rex Hotel St Marys

Photo: Australian National University.

The St Marys Rex Hotel opened on Queen Street in 1955, with the licence transferring from the Silver Mine Hotel at Yerranderie.

The Rex organisation owned numerous hotels during the era, with the venue in St Marys being its fifth venture.

It would later become the St Marys Hotel, which is still in operation today.

Tattersalls Hotel

Photo: Penrith City Library.

This photo shows the Tattersalls Hotel shortly after demolition in 1980. It was located on the corner of High and Station Streets.

It was built by William Jordan in 1889 with Charles Messenger becoming the first licensee. It was a popular place for meetings and social gatherings and was popular with the railway workers.

It was renovated in 1922 and again in 1939 when the ornate verandas were removed.

A new Tattersalls Hotel stands just short stroll down from the original location.

Railway Hotel St Marys

Photo: Penrith City Library.

The hotel was originally built as the Shane Park Hotel in St Marys, and was also known as Mud House.

It was built in 1870, on the northern side of the railway line at St Marys station, the site of the current car park.

In 1902, the name of the hotel changed to the Railway Hotel. The building was demolished around 1965.

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