Nine years since Sydney Siege brought a city to a standstill

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The Lindt Café Siege remains embedded into the minds of every Sydneysider.

The dramatic 16-hour stand-off in December 2014 resulted in the tragic death of hostages Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson.

The perpetrator, Man Monis, also died.

The incident began at 8.33am on December 15, 2014 when Monis entered the Lindt Chocolate Café at 53 Martin Street. It would not end until After 2am the next morning, when police raided the café.

Western Weekender Managing Editor Troy Dodds was working at Sydney radio station 2UE at the time, and was on air when the siege reached its dramatic conclusion.

Today, on the ninth anniversary of the tragedy, we re-visit the extraordinary audio from his broadcast that morning.

This is the first time the full hour from 2am to 3am on 2UE has been re-broadcast since that night in 2014. It is raw, emotional, and at times difficult to listen to.

We warn some readers and listeners that they may find the following audio distressing.

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