School’s in: A look back at historic shots of Penrith schools

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Join us as we take a stroll back in time and have a look at some of Penrith’s famous schools.

Regentville Public School

A local school was established as early as 1868 on a site now known as School House Creek. Regentville Public School was built in 1881. The 1881 brick residence and classroom still stand on School House Road.

Regentville Public School in 1972. Photo: Penrith City Library.

Penrith Public School

Penrith Public School was established in 1865 in makeshift rooms leased by Donald Beatson. A school building was built in 1872 in Henry Street where the school remained until 1917 when additional school buildings were opened in High Street.

Students pictured below are from a 1930 class.

Penrith Public School students in 1930. Photo: Penrith City Library.

Agnes Banks Public School

A school was opened in 1875. The present building was erected in 1878-1879. It is now a private residence after the school’s closure. The former classroom is a simple brick building with a steep pitched gable roof. The small teachers residence is linked with the classroom at right angles and features a symetrical facade protected by a veranda.

The former Agnes Banks Public School in 1986. Photo: Penrith City Library.

Mulgoa Public School

The Mulgoa Public School was built in 1883. It is a brick structure, including a classroom and residence. The grounds feature camphor laurel and paper bark trees, a split rail and paling fence, and well.

Mulgoa Public School in 1986. Photo: Penrith City Library.

St Dominic’s College

St Dominic’s College was established as a boys school in the grounds of St Nicholas of Myra Convent School in 1959. In 1960 they moved into new buildings on the corner of Parker and Copeland Streets.

St Dominic’s College in 1991. Photo: Penrith City Library.

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