Friday, January 29, 2021

The Experts

Property market set for strong 2021

Despite being in the middle of a worldwide pandemic which has helped cause soaring unemployment, housing markets in Australia have so far proven resilient.

Give your home a warm and cosy makeover

Tips to give your home an affordable makeover.

Patience required to create the perfect room

When you think about styling your home do you become overwhelmed with the sheer size of the job ahead?

A COVID-19 vaccine is coming, so what does the law say?

Debate continues to bluster along at breakneck speed as talk of a COVID-19 vaccine being available in early 2021 dominates headlines.

Rate cut a sure thing on Cup day

Get ready for a Cup day cut.

Explainer: What is ICAC?

ICAC explained in the wake of shock revelations from the Premier.

The impact of divorce on your finances

I think most of us are aware that there are definitely negative financial consequences associated with divorce.

Are ATM withdrawals a red flag for banks?

Could your visit to the ATM impact your loan application?

Advice for buyers and sellers as spring property season arrives

Thinking of buying or selling this spring?

Perfect time to negotiate a better rate

The holiday is over for many home borrowers impacted by COVID-19.

Calculating the cost of aged care

Australians are living longer so it is becoming more prevalent for people to enter an aged care facility in their later years.

Make the most of apartment living

As we all know, apartment living has become really popular and the number of people becoming apartment dwellers continues to grow.

Estate planning explained

What are estate planning documents and how do they work?

Achieving a Hamptons style bathroom

Achieving a trendy new look for your bathroom.

Now’s the time to get a better rate

Now is the time to be putting some pressure on your lender about getting a better deal on your home loan.

Time for a bedroom makeover?

Is it time to give your bedroom a makeover?

Creating a natural look in your home

To successfully create a natural look to the décor of your home, there are a few simple rules you can follow.

Everything old is new again

We’ve noticed, with having so much extra time at home, that a lot of people are using this time to start (or finish) projects around the home.

What style are you?

Have you ever wondered what style you are and never quite figured it out?

A strong property market makes for a strong community

A special offer for Weekender readers.