Friday, May 27, 2022

The Experts

What election result means for home buyers

With the Federal Election done and dusted, what can prospective home buyers expect from the new Labor government under Anthony Albanese?

Fences can be a dividing issue

A few times each year we get contacted by clients who are at war with their neighbours about dividing fences.

Explainer: Restraint of trade

If you have ever signed an Employment Contract or sold a business it is likely that you have committed to some form of restraint of trade.

Explainer: Alternative Dispute Resolutions

If you have ever been involved in a legal dispute, you have probably heard the term alternative dispute resolution before.

Property market update: Is the tide about to turn?

The media has been alight with content about how hot the Sydney property market has been for the past couple of years with record prices, limited stock, and high auction clearance rates.

Board election exposes some quirky rules

Panthers have recently held their biennial Board elections with sensational results.

The legal truth behind MAFS and other reality shows

Fortunately for ‘MAFS’ participants, who almost always break up in an inglorious shower of controversy, there is no such requirement because they are never married in the first place.

Early financial habits can last a lifetime

At our office, we firmly believe the earlier you start saving, the better.

How conflicts of interest work in the legal world

Very strict rules govern how solicitors practice.

Inevitable rate rise will surprise mortgage holders

The RBA has maintained for the past few years that it did not envisage a need to lift rates until 2024 or perhaps late next year at the earliest.

What does 2022 have in store for the property market?

Mark Stevenson ponders what 2022 looks like.

Things to do before you list your property for sale

At about this time every year we write an article providing some tips and hints around selling your property.

Fines and jail time on the cards for fake vaccination certificate users

Irrespective of your stance on COVID-19 vaccines generally, this is a matter of law, and the legal system needs to be able to penalise people who breach it.

Why interest rates could rise in 2022

Official interest rates look to be heading north for the first time in more than a decade.

Why Will Kits are bad news

Will Kits are seen as a cheap alternative to having your document drafted by an appropriately qualified Solicitor.

Escaping from the pain of debt

Over the years I have come across many clients who are drowning in debt and seem to be caught in a hole from which they can’t escape.

Wanderers launch Sport & Business Program

The Western Sydney Wanderers have confirmed the launch of their new Sport & Business Program powered by SEDA Group. The program has been designed to...

Behavioural profiling can help you to understand your team

The case studies below explain some of the common behaviours in the workplace, as well as WHY they behave this way – it’s simply their DiSC profile!

An investment in your business

The time and money that organisations invest in training their teams is astounding!

Top Tips for running training

Spend 90% of your time preparing the training, and 10% of your time delivering it.