Pet Health

Understanding rabbit vaccinations

Rabbits make adorable and affectionate pets, but their health needs are often underestimated.

Why Easter treats are a no-no for our dogs

As Easter approaches, it’s essential to take a moment to consider the potential dangers it poses to our beloved pets.

Decoding your dog’s body language

Dogs are incredible communicators, using a language that goes beyond barks and tail wags.

The pros and cons of pet insurance

As our furry companions become integral members of our families, the debate over whether to invest in pet insurance or opt for a dedicated emergency fund for our pets continues to gain traction.

Six flowers that can be fatal to your pets

Although many flowers and plants are mild-to-moderate in terms of toxicity and can cause “mild” symptoms like a gastrointestinal upset, when pets consume highly toxic plants it can be fatal – even if they only have a very small amount.

A dog’s life: Keeping pets entertained while you’re at work

As responsible pet owners, it’s not uncommon to experience a pang of guilt when leaving our furry friends at home while we head back to work.

Preparing your pet for New Year’s Eve fireworks

Fireworks may make us humans happy and excited but the same isn’t true for our furry friends.

Dangers that could cause chaos for your pets this Christmas

With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s time to ensure your pets are prepared for the silly season.

Identifying troublesome lumps in your pets

Whilst lumps on pets are more frequently seen in older pets, they can also appear on younger animals too. But what do you do if you find that lump or bump on your pet?

The ultimate holiday checklist for your pets

Whether they're coming with you or not, your pets are a major consideration heading towards the summer holidays.

Pedicure for your pooch: Trimming your dog’s nails

Kellie Tickner offers advice on how often to clip your dog's nails - and the best approach to get it done without fuss.

Halloween can be scary for our pets too

Here are a few safety tips so pet lovers can enjoy their trick-or-treating and keep their animals safe.

Five common skin conditions seen in dogs

Dogs suffer from a variety of different skin conditions and allergies that routinely need a vet’s attention. Here are five common skin conditions found in dogs.

Be on alert: Pets and snakes don’t mix!

Over the past few weeks, we have seen an increased number of pets attend the practice after ‘playing’ with a snake.

Spring means it’s tick season

With spring comes glorious sunshine, warmer weather — and ticks.

The danger rat baits present to your pets

Locals preparing their lawns and homes for spring are being warned to be careful using products that could be harmful to pets.

The hidden danger in human foods that could harm your pets

There are many types of artificial sweeteners becoming more commonly used in human foods. The most concerning is Xylitol.

Identifying and treating Kennel Cough

Like humans, dogs can catch viruses and infections and show symptoms similar to that of a cold or flu. Kennel cough is a common respiratory infection in dogs caused by bacteria or viruses.

Cat flu: The signs to look out for

Cat flu is common at this time of year. What should you be looking out for?

New treatments for arthritis in dogs and cats

One in five dogs suffers from the pain and disability caused by arthritis.