Dangers that could cause chaos for your pets this Christmas

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With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s time to ensure your pets are prepared for the silly season.

Too much Christmas cheer

Over eating and eating the wrong food can have grave consequences for our pets. To enjoy the festive season, avoid giving your pets the following Christmas foods…

• Pork products can cause severe vomiting and diarrhoea and lead to Pancreatitis.

• Chocolate and desserts can be deadly for dogs especially if they involve chocolate, xylitol or alcohol. Chocolate can lead to vomiting, heart problems and seizures.

• Sultanas, grapes, nuts and fruit cake can cause kidney disease and possible renal failure.

• Kebabs with skewers can be catastrophic for pets if they are accidentally ingested.

Fireworks frenzy

This time of year, it is fun to watch the colourful fireworks but to our pets it can be frightening and cause anxiety. The noise and smell can send our pets into a frenzy.

Make sure your pets are safely locked away a few hours before the fireworks are due to start or book them into a reputable boarding facility for the night.

Adaptil collars and anti-anxiety medications may help your pet. If using medication, please stay home with your pet and create a safe den for them to snuggle down.

Microchip update

Ensure that your pet is microchipped and registered with local council and wearing an ID collar. If your pet goes missing, contact Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter on 4560 4644.

Snakes alive

If you are traveling anywhere between the Blue Mountains and the coastal regions, snakes and paralysis ticks are most prevalent this time of year. Both can cause severe illness and even death. Brown snake and red-bellied black snakes are the two most common types of snakes we see in the Penrith area.

With more than a dozen pets already affected by snake bites this season, it is important to be on the lookout. Symptoms from a bite may include blood in the urine, weakness, salivation, twitching and respiratory problems.

Troublesome ticks

To prevent paralysis ticks, start using a preventative product at least two weeks before travelling. Continue using the product throughout your stay and check your pet daily. If your pet experiences either of these nasty critters, STAY CALM and contact your vet immediately.

Merry Christmas

The staff at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital will be on duty until Christmas Eve. We will be closed Christmas Day and have limited staff on duty for the remainder of the scheduled public holidays for emergencies. We recommend you phone ahead on 4736 2027 to arrange an appointment to minimise waiting times.

Outside normal hours phone 9061 6836 and make your way to SASH Western Sydney where vets and nurses will be on duty 24/7 the entire Christmas period.

Merry Christmas from Dr Camille and the staff at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital!

Kellie Tickner, Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital

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