“I’ll mow it myself”: Resident’s solution to lack of maintenance

Jordan Springs resident Michael Culbert is fed up with the lack of maintenance. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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Another week, another maintenance problem in Jordan Springs.

Local resident Michael Culbert is drawing attention to an approximately 180 metre long pathway that sits between Nagle Street and Delaney Circuit in Jordan Springs, which is a popular walkway for people like Culbert who walks his dog there twice a day.

Culbert has become so fed up with the lack of maintenance on the edge of the pathways that he has taken to mowing the grass himself.

“I’ll mow it and then come back down with a blower and clean it up,” Culbert said.

Culbert is a retiree and said the mowing took him over two hours to complete.

“It took me two and a half hours to mow it last time because it was that tall that I had to kind of pick it (the mower) up with my foot and [push it] so the mower could catch it,” Culbert said.

Mowing the pathway was an act of frustration for Culbert who says the weeds grew about a metre tall and would hang over the pathway.

“It was like that (overgrown) for ages, and I was thinking ‘surely someone is going to mow it’,” Culbert said.

The main issue Culbert deals with is that the weed growth restricts the amount of walkway space available and forces both humans and dogs alike to brush through the growing weeds.

“You would get seeds all over you,” Culbert said.

“The dogs get it all over their fur and then take it back to your place and spread it over your backyard and you’ve got weeds.”

Culbert has tried to contact both the developer Lendlease and Penrith City Council about the maintenance issues but says he has not heard back from either.

“We sent an email to Lendlease, and to Penrith City Council but I haven’t heard back from either of them,” Culbert said.

Culbert’s concerns come after the Weekender reported on frustrations other residents have with maintenance in the estate.

Council has previously confirmed to the Weekender that they are not responsible for the maintenance of Jordan Springs.

The developer, Lendlease, holds responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of the Jordan Springs estate.

“Our maintenance contractors have recently re-commenced a program of weed management in this area,” a spokesperson for Lendlease said.

Emily Chate

Emily Chate joined The Western Weekender in 2024, and covers local news - primarily courts and politics. A graduate of the University of Wollongong, Emily has contributed to The Daily Telegraph and worked as a freelance journalist.

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