One pale girl’s advice: The best make-up tips and tricks!

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If you’re someone who’s struggled to locate a foundation shade light enough for you in stores, finds your skin turns increasingly more orange over the course of the day, or buys trending products just to find out they don’t suit you at all – join the club!

Though makeup is for everybody, and the beauty of it is that you’re able to experiment to your heart’s desire, it’s no secret that products just don’t look the same on fair skin as they do on those who fall into the light-medium category.

If you’ve been struggling to build a kit, or to create a makeup look which you feel highlights your natural skin tone rather than hiding it, here are my top tips – from one pale girl to another.

Incorporate SPF where you can

Whether you’re heading out for a day outside, or just having the sun on you in the car, it’s important to remember that UV rays are your enemy.

For anyone, but particularly those with fairer skin, it’s so important to incorporate SPF into your makeup routine, whether that’s by using sunscreen before foundation, mixing it in, or using products that include it for you.

Match your base products as best as possible

With so few fair foundation options available to purchase in stores, especially on the more affordable end of the spectrum, I completely understand the urge to go a shade deeper. However, finding a foundation that matches perfectly to both your skin tone and undertone truly changes the game.

Some of my personal favourites include the tarte Shape Tape Cloud Foundation in ‘12N Fair Neutral’, and the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in ‘120 – Light with neutral undertones’.

The same goes for powders – aim for something truly colourless like the RCMA No Colour Powder, or something which comes in plenty of shades so you can find the one that matches you best, like the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder.

Use a light hand

Though on fair skin you can make almost any colour work, it’s important to think twice before going straight in with blush or bronzer, especially when there are so many hyper-pigmented products going around at the moment!

To sheer out a product and make sure you’re not stuck looking like a clown, use a less densely packed brush to apply, or disperse the product on the back of your hand first before building it up on the face.

Brown is the new black

Though I do love a big lash or black eyeliner look, I will admit that it can look a little harsh on me for day to day.

If you feel the same way, opt for a brown mascara and eyeliner for a softer look that still emphasises your eye shape.

Try before you buy

If you have pale skin, not every trending product on TikTok is going to suit you – and that’s okay!

If there is something you’ve been dying to purchase, head instore first to get a tester if you can, and leave it on your skin long enough to see if the colour shifts through the day.

If you decide that it won’t work for you, you can then see if there’s a lighter shade that does, saving you time and disappointment.

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