Top 10 car care tips for women

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Navigating car care can pose challenges for many women, with technical terms, unreliable mechanics, and an overwhelming amount of information. Here are 10 essential tips for women and their cars:

1. Find a reliable mechanic

If you only go down the road for convenience or head straight to the dealership because you simply haven’t tried anywhere else, then it’s time to move on. Seek recommendations from friends and family, check online reviews, and explore the business’ Facebook page and website to assess their suitability.

2. Build a comfortable relationship with your mechanic

You may only see them a couple of times a year but, if you aren’t comfortable it may stop you from asking questions which could lead to unnecessary repairs being done. It will also limit your understanding of your car instead of being a learning opportunity. Choose a mechanic who makes you feel comfortable, explains things clearly, and values your understanding.

3. Learn how to change a tyre

Acquire the simple skill of changing a tire to save time, money, and stress. Know the location of your jack and socket, and ensure you have a spare usable tyre. Changing a tyre can be done in under 15 minutes, with the right know how.

4. Be prepared for emergencies

No one ever thinks they will be in an emergency, if you find yourself in one, and you feel prepared, you will feel in control. Organising a bag with essentials like a first aid kit, phone charger, photocopies of vehicle documents, notebook, pencil, gloves, rags, water, torch, muesli bar, and a blanket, will help.

5. Be aware of fuel consumption

By driving in the correct gear, maintaining smooth driving habits, and not having unnecessary stuff in the boot or back seat will all reduce fuel consumption. Driving over 90 km/hr increases consumption, and using air conditioning becomes economical at this speed.

6. Be attentive

Women are amazing at picking out the finer details. Once in the driver’s seat take a moment to observe your car’s dashboard, recognising any lights or temperature changes. Listen to the sounds your car makes, and notify your mechanic promptly to prevent major damage and save you money in the long term.

7. Drive with appropriate footwear

Choose secure footwear for driving, avoiding high heels, thongs, or going barefoot. Whilst none of the Australian states or territories have a law against specific or no footwear, the Rule 297 of the Australian Road Rules 2008 (driving without proper control of the vehicle) could be applied in the case of an accident.

8. Consider getting roadside assistance

Having roadside assistance can alleviate the stress of breakdowns, starting issues, or keys locked in cars. Many services offer free towing within a certain radius, saving you money.

9. Take care of your tyres

Regularly check your tyre pressures at petrol stations, following manufacturer recommendations. Under-inflated tyres can lead to overheating, blowouts and excessive tyre wear. Check tyre tread and consider rotations to prolong tyre life.

10. Educate yourself

Learn simple maintenance tasks like checking oil and water levels between services.

Consider local courses or seek guidance from a friend to enhance your understanding of your car’s maintenance.

At Angus Car Service we pride ourselves on our fair and equal treatment of all our customers with a focus on providing exceptional service to our female customers. For more information or to book in for a service either head to our website or call our friendly team on 4732 3676.

Happy motoring!

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