Six ways you might be killing your car

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Owning a car can be a dream or a nightmare depending on how well you take care of your vehicle. The following are six things that many motorists do that can harm their car and their wallet.

Ignoring the check engine light

Ignoring an illuminated check engine light can result in serious engine trouble and costly repairs. At the very least, this warning light could alert you to an engine problem that is negatively impacting fuel economy. Think of an engine light as an alert that there’s something wrong within your vehicle. Like a building that is on fire and you are trying to find which floor it’s on and in which room. When your engine light is on we use a scan tool to help us diagnose what the problem with the car is and pinpoint exactly where it is.

Failing to change fluids and filters

Many fluids are required for the operation and protection of vehicle systems and components. Checking and changing fluids regularly, along with changing the filters, helps ensure that your vehicle runs dependably and extends vehicle life – we recommend going no longer than 10,000kms or 12 months (whichever comes first) between services. It will also save you money in the long run as it will increase your fuel economy.

Neglecting your tyres

Your vehicle’s tyres should be checked frequently for inflation and tread depth. Underinflated tyres can wear out more quickly, needing to be replaced sooner, and can negatively impact safety, fuel economy and performance. We recommend checking them every two months.

Not following a service schedule

Because many car parts and components wear out or become damaged over time, vehicles need to be routinely serviced in order to perform optimally. Routine inspections and timely repairs will help keep your car running efficiently and will help you avoid more expensive repairs down the road – by having your car serviced every 10,000kms or 12 months (whichever comes first) we can pick up minor problems before they become major ones or a safety issue.

Keeping a dirty car

Allowing your car to go too long without a wash leads to a buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt, increases the potential for rust and interferes with proper visibility needed for safe driving.

Being a severe driver

Whether it’s stop-and-go traffic, extreme weather, rough roads or heavy loads, it can sometimes be difficult to limit severe driving conditions. However, you can drive smart and improve fuel economy by observing the speed limit; avoiding aggressive driving, including quick starts and stops; not hauling unnecessary items (check your boot, it’s easy to forget what’s in there); and keeping your vehicle properly tuned – we also use an engine oil flush and fuel treatment in our servicing to help combat these often unavoidable situations.

Because auto care isn’t always a top priority for car owners, they might not realise they are doing things that adversely affect the performance, safety and value of their vehicle. Routine maintenance can go a long way toward saving money, avoiding headaches and protecting your vehicle investment.

The Christmas holidays are coming up and if you’ve planned a road trip we recommend that you have your vehicle serviced prior to heading off.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or to book a service.

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