What do you really get when hiring an external Trainer?

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When seeking out a Trainer, what you think you are investing in is someone to train for the day.

What you are really paying for is;

The tens of thousands of $$ and hours that they spent attaining qualifications and accreditations.

Their preparation time ahead of each training session – in some cases, entire content development that can take days.

The time and money that they spend maintaining their professional development and industry currency.

The lunch breaks that they don’t get, because candidates often ask for individual support at break times.

The insurances that they take out and pay for under their own ABN.

The resources that they purchase – laptops, projectors, stationary, treats for the students (hey, I’ve even bought lunch for the class when no-one had food or money to get food!)

Their level of expertise – all the skills and qualifications they have acquired over their life.

Next time you think you are just getting a Trainer, remember all the background work that goes in, ahead of them showing up at your venue and delivering exceptional Training.


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