If you’re not getting vaccinated, you’re running out of excuses – and you’re letting us all down

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If you’re not vaccinated yet, or you haven’t booked a COVID-19 vaccination by now, I can put it down to only a few reasons.

First, you may have a legitimate medical reason – but you probably don’t given this only impacts a tiny proportion of the population (especially those whose condition would prevent them from receiving both of the major vaccines).

Second, you’re selfish. You couldn’t be bothered doing your bit because you either think you’re bullet proof or you don’t really care about your friends, family, colleagues or the rest of society.

Third, you’re scared. Understandable. A pandemic of this proportion, with a readily available vaccine to tackle it, is not something our generation has had to confront.

Fourth, you honestly believe this is all some giant government conspiracy, and that you’re going to look like the smart one in five or 10 years’ time when you’re in the small minority not being controlled by Bill Gates.

Fifth, you’re lazy.

I don’t envy health officials, scientists, doctors and our frontline heroes having to deal with reasons two through five every day.

It’s a tough gig convincing people to be sensible and to look after themselves.

For me, getting the jab was a no-brainer.

I’m not smarter than the scientists who research and create vaccines.

I’m not smarter than the health officials who analyse and reflect on data day in, day out.

I’m not smarter than my GP, though he’s a Roosters supporter so perhaps that one is questionable.

I am more than happy to put my trust in those smarter than me.

And guess what? If you sit in categories two through five, you’re not smarter than those scientists, health officials and doctors either.

If you’re selfish, you really need to have a good look at yourself – do your bit for the greater good instead of trolling Facebook pages and sharing debunked myths and tripe you call ‘research’ to your friends.

Hot tip: Research on vaccines is done in labs, not a random website you’ve found that suits your crackpot theory.

If you’re scared, talk to your doctor. Talk to two. Have a look at TGA reports, the chances of side effects… whatever you need to make you more comfortable. There’s no shame in being hesitant, and certainly no shame in finally breaking that hesitancy. You don’t even have to post the obligatory post-jab selfie if you don’t want to.

If you believe in the conspiracy stuff, you may just be beyond help, but you should probably try to get some anyway. Seriously, talk to someone.

I don’t have a word count big enough to describe how utterly dumb some of the theories attached to COVID-19 and the vaccines are. You’re making a fool of yourself.

If you’re lazy, hopefully Gladys Berejiklian’s roadmap released last week will get you across the line.

It’s a good plan, and it certainly felt like we’d turned a corner last Thursday. Light at the end of the tunnel, you might say.

And while there does need to be a few things ironed out for that very tiny minority with legitimate (key word: legitimate) medical reasons that prevent them from getting the vaccines, I have no issue with the “discrimination” some are screaming.

I’m sorry, but this pandemic is far from over and if you’re not willing to get the vaccine then I doubt you’re following most of the other health advice either.

As a result, I don’t want to be eating near you at a restaurant or sweating next to you at the gym (yes, I actually do go the gym, though I understand the raised eyebrow).

“But it doesn’t matter, you can still get COVID anyway and still transmit it”.

True story, but there’s growing evidence that shows vaccinated people are indeed less likely to contract the virus, and have a lower chance of transmitting it to others.

Evidence I’m sure you think is fake, because you pick and choose the ‘research’ you believe.

If you’re not getting the jab by choice, that’s your call. The rest of us are doing the heavy lifting for you and you’ll eventually benefit from that.

But for now, bugger off and let the rest of us enjoy a dose of normality.

And another thing…

I’ve noticed a number of businesses desperately trying not to offend anyone by taking a soft approach to the rules surrounding vaccination.

It’s the wrong move.

The vast majority of your potential customers will be vaccinated and they want to know your business backs in their health and safety.

If a couple of your rogue customers want to play the attention seeker or false hero by pushing the anti-vaccination message, tell them to go somewhere else.

Trust me, your business will be all the better for it.

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