Make the most of apartment living

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As we all know, apartment living has become really popular and the number of people becoming apartment dwellers continues to grow.

Whether you’re a first home buyer or a downsizer, apartment living has become an ever increasing trend.

Living in a more compact space is obviously going to limit the amount of furniture and items you can have but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the same impact in your decorating that you could in a larger home.

Furniture placement is probably one of the biggest dilemmas for apartment owners. You will need to be strategic with this. Don’t try and fit oversized sofas and chairs in this space, it will just make it look cluttered. Measure the area you wish to put your sofa and dining table in before going shopping. Also remember, you don’t always have to put the sofa against a wall, placing it to allow you to walk around it can sometimes make the room seem bigger.

For most people the placement of the sofa will be dictated by where the TV will be so consider furniture placement before purchasing an apartment.

Storage is also a factor to consider in apartment living.

Caitlin and Mary Donnelly.

With some good planning, you will be surprised at just how much storage space you can achieve!

Apartment bedrooms often lack storage space so why not think about purchasing a lift bed with storage underneath or one that has drawers.
For the living areas, shelving is a good way to store your books and show off your decorative pieces.

Floating shelving is great for this as it doesn’t take up any floor space and also makes a feature on your walls.

There are other things you can do for extra storage such as a coffee table with storage, built-in cupboards and shelving around the TV.

It really just takes some good planning and a little thinking outside the box!

A smaller living space doesn’t always mean you have to think small though.

If you have large blank wall, hang an oversized artwork.

If you have an empty corner you’re not sure how to fill, place multiple plants of different sizes to make it a feature or a floor lamp for softer lighting.

Don’t forget the balcony, if you’re lucky enough to have one, fill this area with greenery to help bring the outside in and also add a sitting area for you to relax and breath in the fresh air!

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