Everything old is new again

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We’ve noticed, with having so much extra time at home, that a lot of people are using this time to start (or finish) projects around the home.

We want to share with you some tips on how to give your tired, outdated furniture pieces a new and fresh look. Revamping a tired chair or table will give it a new lease on life and make you fall in love with it all over again.

Do you have a tired looking timber chair, bench or seat that could use a little TLC? If not, you can pick one up at second-hand stores, flea markets or even on the side of the road in the Council pick up pile. We’ll use the example of a timber chair.

Preparing the surface of your chair is most important. If it has a fabric seat, remove this before you start sanding. Give the timber surfaces a good sand to remove any old paint or stain. I find a small electric sander does the trick and faster than doing it by hand, so well worth purchasing.

Make sure you wear a mask when sanding. Once the surface has been sanded back, wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any excess dust.

Choosing the paint and colour is the fun part. Don’t be afraid to use bold colours. This will make the piece 10 times more interesting when finished. Another option is to go with white or black for the chair and choose a bold pattern or solid colour for the fabric seat. To start, use an undercoat so that the final coats adhere better and give a smoother, even look to the final coats. Apply two coats of your chosen colour. Two coats should be ample but if the coverage is not even, then give it a third coat.

To re-cover your fabric seat, you will need a staple gun, glue gun, and foam cut to size – around two to three inches thick (if you can’t reuse the original). You’ll also need your chosen fabric, approximately half a metre. Make sure you measure the seat or old fabric before hand. Cut the fabric with enough overhang to tuck under the seat. Use the glue gun to outline where the fabric will press down on the underside of the seat. Cover the seat with the fabric and use the staple gun to attach the fabric. Once the paint is dry, replace the seat and use small screws on the underside to attach it to the chair. Voilà! You have a beautiful new chair that you’ve put your own creative stamp on.

We all need to use the right side of the brain occasionally!

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