SES crews sandbag properties at Londonderry

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Penrith State Emergency Service (SES) crews worked through the night to protect three properties in Londonderry that have flooded.

An SES spokesperson said the swift heavy rainfall overnight caused the three properties to experience localised flooding.

“There appears to be some blocked street drains, and the water just wasn’t able to get away in time,” the spokesperson said.

“The properties were just inundated very quickly.”

Crews spent hours filling sandbags in the early hours of the morning to protect residents from what has been reported as up to 40 centimetres of water.

“They were able to make some temporary repairs using sandbags, and crews were stood down at about 3am,” the spokesperson said.

Fears were raised of sewage running through homes due to the blocked drained, but could not be confirmed at this stage.

While no one was harmed in the flooding, the extent of the damage to the properties is yet to be assessed.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned that wet weather and possible flash flooding is expected to continue over the weekend with storms expected today and Saturday.

Despite the small incidences of flooding, the rain has welcome relief for the Penrith area after what was the hottest summer on record.

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