‘Buddy’ rescued by SES volunteers

Volunteers assist to rescue 'Buddy'. Photo: TNV
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A horse that had been missing for several days has been dramatically rescued from underneath the M4 Motorway this evening.

As the Weekender reported earlier today, the team from Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) Nepean Centre were frantically trying to find three missing horses who disappeared during the intense storm over the weekend.


It is understood two of the horses were found deceased but one, named Buddy, was found alive this afternoon near South Creek at Orchard Hills.

A vet from the Hawkesbury Region arrived on the scene to treat the injured horse while an extrication was planned to be carried out by rescue operators from the Hawkesbury SES and Fire and Rescue NSW.

David King from the Hawkesbury SES said it was a mixed result.

“We have two horses that haven’t made it… it’s bittersweet because we have the rescue of Buddy from his predicament and back to dry land,” he said.

Buddy’s condition will continue to be assessed but he was able to walk away from the scene after being rescued.

Earlier today, Coaching staff member, Helen Monday, said the RDA team had gone into damage control.

“In a situation like this, you’re basically running in response to emotional concerns – we are doing what we can to get our horses back,” Ms Monday said.

Video thanks to TNV


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