The Apothecary’s Pantry

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Truly healthy and nutritious organic food is difficult to find. There are many different products claiming to be organic but which contain ingredients that are not good for you.

This was the problem that The Apothecary’s Pantry was set up to solve.

The Apothecary’s Pantry is located at Shop 12, inside the Tattersalls Centre Arcade, alongside Priceline Pharmacy.

Why call it The Apothecary’s Pantry? What on earth is an Apothecary? This is a question we have been asked many times but the answer is simple; Apothecaries have been around since Ancient times.

Apothecaries were people who gave health advice and prepared medicines from herbs and spices for the general populace. Ordinary people who could not afford the expensive medical doctors or who found their treatments too painful or horrific went to the Apothecary. This trend is re-asserting itself again.

John Miller-Crispe, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist and owner of The Apothecary’s Pantry said: “Organic healthy food is vital for healthy minds and bodies. The Apothecary’s Pantry investigates all the products it offers the public to ensure that they are not only organic but truly nutritious”.

Within The Apothecary’s Pantry you will find Abundant Life & Health, a popular and long established naturopathic clinic.

John and his staff of qualified naturopaths and nutritionists can advise on any health problem and have helped people to get well for over 24 years. In The Apothecary’s Pantry you will see a huge range of jars containing dried herbs. This is exactly as it was in ancient times and in fact up to the nineteenth century. You can get a mixture of herbs to make a tea for any health problem.

They are mixed to order by the qualified staff. Come in and browse around, tell the team what you would like to see stocked and they will endeavour to find the healthiest version of that product for you. It’s a happy place to shop and all that is missing is you.

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