Dealing with pressure

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Pressure. It’s a part of life. Sometimes you see it coming and sometimes it sneaks up on you out of nowhere. We all know the pain, struggles, wants, goals, pretty much everything that comes with pressure.

So how do you handle pressure in business, and life? What’s the key? When under pressure, despite procrastinating being the easiest thing to do, you have to work through it as there is no avoiding whatever the dilemma/s are.

Keep perspective. Life isn’t always smooth sailing. Successful people all encounter problems which see them fall under pressure. Their success is as much about tenacity as it is about working hard or being smart. You need to keep an eye on the end goal. Everybody is impatient at times and want things immediately but you have to look at the possible end result when working through an issue or type of work that is putting you under the pump.

It can lead to frustration. You have to fight through the temptation of quitting as soon as things aren’t going as they should.

Today’s business setting will always be full of pressure. Because of technology and consumer demands, businesses have to be swift and up to date with the needs of society. Here are some tips when dealing with pressure:

1. Preparation. Above all else, one needs to be prepared for the challenge ahead.

2. Prioritise tasks. Direct your energy toward situations where you can affect the outcome and don’t spend time worrying about what you cannot change.

3. Accept the help of others. You can seek the input of other people before reaching any decision.

4. Learn how to deal with different kinds of people at work. Develop your listening skills in order to interact better with people and pay attention to improving your communication skills.

5. Stop looking at the clock. When you have to meet a tight deadline, instead of constantly looking at the clock, focus on the task at hand. Do the task with full concentration.

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