Market stalls and making them work

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With Christmas coming up I thought it would be an opportune time to talk about how to make your stall or presence at a shopping centre/mall/markets work for you.

This season brings with it a sense of urgency for business owners like no other throughout the year. This urgency forces business owners to go outside of their comfort zone, including exploring the use of stalls to maximise their potential sales throughout the coming period.

All year round it is a question I get: How do I utilise my market stall to bring me the most business. Here is some advice:

• First research your market: There is no point paying to be involved in a market where your product doesn’t fit.

• Have your brand present: Have business cards to give out as a minimum. Also consider branded pens, magnets, rulers, sticky notes, pads.

• Show off: If applicable, wear or use your product. It shows you are confident in it.

• Don’t sit and wait: I am always surprised at how many stall holders are reading a book or are on the iPhone while potential customers walk by. Stand up, interact with people and ask them questions.

• Know your spiel: You usually have around 30 seconds to sell your product. Include the benefits and why your product is the one they should have.

• Your stall has to look great: It is a reflection on you and your product.

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