In a packet? Don't buy it

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I have worked with a lot of people over the years but I have never had a person sick or overweight from eating too much good, nutritious food. Next time you’re standing at a checkout look at the amount of bars and junk surrounding you.

There’s enough calories to feed a starving country within arm’s reach; only problem is the starving people would still suffer from malnutrition, and unless we eat good, healthy food as well then we will too.

So how do we find good, healthy food, when there are big companies who prioritise making money over our families’ health? Firstly, ignore the packaging like you would a dodgy salesman and educate yourself.

Cartoon characters and words that sound healthy, like ‘low fat’, ‘no MSG’, ‘natural colours’ and ‘high in iron’ could be found on a box of cereal but could describe a can of paint as well.

Something like ‘High in Omega 6’ sounds good, until you know the average modern diet has way too much Omega 6 in relation to other essential fats, which is linked to heart disease, stroke, cancer, immune system damage and hormone imbalance.

Best option: don’t buy packaging. Get your chip packet, rip it open and pour it straight in your trolley! Ok not really… I mean buy items that have minimal packaging. If it still looks like it did while it was growing, that’s a good start.

Secondly, always read the ingredients list, they are listed in order of amount used. We can’t afford to be brainless consumers as companies are pushing the limit of what they can put in a wrapper and call food. Sugar, flour, salt are very cheap and easy to make taste nice. But putting stuff in your mouth doesn’t mean you are feeding yourself properly.

If you want to feel good and have energy all day, eat food that can make it happen. Good, nutritious food will have you bouncing off the walls. You know how you’ll feel after late night with pizza and a drink too many, but you can be sure when you eat good, fresh food that your body will feel a whole lot better for it.

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