Handy apps

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There are so many free mobile applications that business people can use to spend their time more efficiently.

We all know there are plenty of useful applications that can be purchased in the app store but there are many free ones that can make your time better spent. Here are some I’ve found to be useful:

For business development and networking, ‘CamCard’ is great to have as it takes a picture of a business card and saves contact information in Card Holder or your Address Book.

‘Bump’ is another good app to share virtual information with another phone. Once both people confirm the ‘bump’ (bringing both phones next to each other) selected contact information can be sent.

For event management and marketing, ‘Eventbrite’ allows you to scan and manage event tickets as attendee or host.

‘Bizzabo’ helps to find business opportunities at conferences and events, while enabling event organisers to promote their event and engage directly with their attendees.

Your social media marketing can be made so much easier by using ‘Hootsuite’, which lets you update Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Buzz all at once.

Also, ‘Instagram’ allows you to take, edit and share photos on your phone and with Instagram community.

For those wanting mobile sales and payment options, ‘Square’ collects credit card payments by plugging a reader into your phone for a 2.75 per cent fee.

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