The right people

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Do you have the right people working in your business?

It is so important to ensure the sustainability of your company by only keeping the right people.

The right people will do what it takes to ride out of a storm, they have the right mix of passion and efficiency, they are entrepreneurial. Every boss loves employees who go beyond what is expected. So, how do you find these people?

I think great people aren’t necessarily the most talented. They just want it more, they work harder, they work smarter, and they take great pride in their work.

A good way to finding these people is to get candidates to complete tasks as part of their resume submission.

If they can’t follow directions or take pride in submitting something specifically for your company, I doubt they’d be a good fit to work for you.

For example, tell them in their cover letter to criticise your company. It tests their writing skills, their creativity, their thoughtfulness, and their approach to confrontation.

In interviewing them, ask if they are looking for a 9am to 5pm job, or do they commit to getting the job done? This way, they will remember saying this. I’m not saying work non-stop, but it digs out the people who will get the job done.

Is the employee adaptable? If an employee asks about work-life balance, they are asking the wrong question.

Life is not about part work and part life, seeing work as a part of life is the right mindset.

Some of you may disagree, but I find work compelling, fun, exciting, and rewarding.

This will get you going in the right direction.

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