Know the e-rules

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Email can be one of the most powerful and cost effective forms of marketing for small to medium businesses so here’s a few tips to improve your emails.

Obtain consent: In the majority of cases recipients must consent to receive the email, or have an existing relationship with your business. Running competitions that require contact details to enter is a common technique for building a database for future email campaigns. But it should be made clear to entrants that they may receive promotional offers.

The important thing for small businesses to remember is that they must be able to prove, if necessary, that the customers have consented to receiving the email.

Provide a link to your website: This way, you’re giving potential customers a chance to contact you and learn more. Encourage them to do this: make your link entice them a bit. Instead of a plain link, why not say, “See our newest products” or “View our discounts available only this week” as your link.

Of course, you can also use the word ‘free’ to get them to contact you.

Include contact details: Your business name and contact details must be in the email. This sounds like common sense. For small businesses that have limited brand recognition this is simply good business as you want people to know how to contact you!

Use appropriate grammar: Have you ever received an email advertisement or newsletter that was poorly written, or contained numerous errors? What did you think of the firm that created it? Get it right!

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