Dump the diet shakes

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I had a client come in who was very overweight fairly recently, we went over a little of her eating patterns through the day.

She was having a weight loss shake for breakfast and lunch, a diet soft drink for an afternoon snack and dinner was some fruit and sometimes one of those sport supplement bars you can find in any supermarket now. She thought she was doing very well to follow this ‘healthy’ diet. Problem was she was feeling like rubbish, tired and hungry all the time.

That was just the immediate effect, I didn’t want to tell her how bad the long term effect of eating that non-food was.

From the chemically extracted mess they pull out of the defatted useless, cheap soybean leftovers, then call it ‘soy protein isolate’, to the chemical and MSG laden diet products and powders. This diet has nothing to do with getting someone healthy, and lots to do with getting someone sick, weak, tired and depressed. MSG in weight loss supplements can go under many names, even ‘natural flavour’. Funny thing is, they use the same stuff in labs to fatten animals up when they are doing obesity studies.

As well as the highly toxic chemicals like hexane that is used to refine soy, it has also been shown to inhibit thyroid function, and cause oestrogen problems. Do some research on low fat or low cholesterol diets and I bet depression will start showing up in any of the studies you find.

Seriously, use common sense! If your breakfast is a powder poured out of a shiny bag with a use by date in a couple years time, then there is nothing good in it for your body. Forget calories and look at nutrition. You don’t get fat eating highly nutritious food. For some good info check out a movie called ‘Hungry for Change’.

I’ve said before, if an obese person came up to me and can prove they got too fat eating completely unprocessed salad or vegetables, and things like fish or grass fed steak, I’d train them for free until they reach whatever weight they like!

No one has ever taken me up on it yet. And even if one day that guy did walk up to me I bet he’s the healthiest fat guy you’ll ever meet!

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