Facebook's PR disaster

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The recent Facebook private messages ‘disaster’ over the last week has made those who know about it very scared.

For those who don’t know, last week, it was revealed that our private messages from dates as early as 2007 could be accessible to all your friends on Facebook.

At the time of writing this, it hadn’t been confirmed but I have had friends complain about their private messages showing.

So if you haven’t had a look at your profile/timeline page yet, go to it, and look on the right of the page and click through the years from 2007 onwards to see if you have some old private messages showing and simply hover over the ones you want to hide/delete and click the pencil button that appears.

This is a technological glitch if ever I’ve seen one. The ramifications are huge, imagine a message the boss sent to another employee about you being not good enough or you bagging out a client to your wife in a way you thought was secure.

There’s a much bigger picture though, this social media glitch is just one of many things that can go wrong with technology.

The ‘problem’ is it’s too fast, an email is sent in seconds to the wrong person and the wrong bank account details can be entered and money sent to an undeserving person.

Life goes by so fast these days and sometimes we need to slow down and think twice about what you’re about to do.

The Facebook glitch wouldn’t have the same affect if people hadn’t said something wrong in a private message in the first place.

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