Setting goals

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We all have days where we felt that we were ultra productive and then other ones where we didn’t do what we planned.

But hopefully there is an end goal, or goals. Having goals with objectives to work towards day by day is so good for developing a sense of accomplishment.

Setting business goals provides your business with a structured framework and provides a detailed guideline to everyone involved in achieving them.

If you’re not currently setting yourself targets for your entire organisation to work towards, I bet your employees would love to know what they can do to not only be successful themselves, but to help your business succeed.

The top goals are usually around revenue, profitability and customer growth.

I suggest measuring your goals quarterly, whilst constantly engaging with staff to find out where they are and what you can do to help. If you’ve got a great relationship with them, then you probably already know of any issues that prevent them from achieving what was set out.

Remember, if the goals are measureable and support the overall goals of the company, you’ll know pretty quickly if they’re on their way to attaining the goals you set.

Also, more importantly, they’ll feel like they’ve contributed to the success of the business. It’s your job as a small business owner.

The SMART principle is the best acronym is use as a guide: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. It’s never too late to systemise your business!

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