Being prepared

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The importance of a well constructed set of procedures cannot be overstated when it comes to the efficient ongoing operations of your office.

Much emphasis is placed on the day to day grind of meeting sales targets and completing the financials rather than preparing for times when a staff member is injured or cannot attend work for a larger than usual period. I ask you, if a certain staff member got injured or left your workplace tomorrow, would you be able to teach the replacement person the whole role?

However, with a well constructed set of procedures to manage all of the processes undertaken within and external to your business, the effectiveness is immediately evident.

Establishing a company’s policies and procedures provides several benefits. The company is able to operate with greater consistency, both in its internal and external workings.

Company morale generally increases because guidelines are available on how to accomplish a task. Set policies and procedures can also circumvent certain legal issues.

Having a well constructed and maintained manual is essential. A procedures manual clearly describes processes specifically.

This may seem quite simplistic to the writer who is familiar with the tasks at hand, but to the novice, a precise explanation of the procedure is invaluable.

Think of a policy and procedures manual as the first formal communication the company has with a new employee, something a new staff member can live by for their probation period until their knowledge is broader and a good fit for your business.

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