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Calling all Penrith female athletes – the search in on for a local gridiron team to join the newly established Ladies Gridiron League.

There are currently teams training around NSW ahead of the season start in September, but organisers are looking to field a Penrith based team too.

“We do have interest from some girls out west already and some from the Blue Mountains region, however Concord is too far to travel so we are hoping to accommodate them with a Penrith venue,” said Managing Director, Adrian Brown.

The new women’s league is likely to be a seven player per team game. It is based on the highly successful US Lingerie Football League – but without the lingerie.

Brown said he hoped a female team could be aligned with the established men’s side – the Penrith City Outlaws Gridiron Club.

“We feel it is a great idea to try and get enough interest out in the west to get an Ladies Gridiron League aligned with them,” Brown said.

The girls won’t wear revealing clothing like their US counterparts, but they are hopeful of reaching the same lofty heights that their televised women’s competition has achieved since starting in 2009.

“We are taking this very seriously and are in the process of having our application assessed by Gridiron Australia to be affiliated with them so that we can be seen as a legitimate women’s sport in Australia,” Brown said.

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