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Nearly four million Australians suffer with incontinence and most cases are light to medium bladder leakage.

Many who experience these levels of bladder leakage are too embarrassed to seek help or ignore the issue and suffer in silence.

This means they don’t use the products that are right for them or get the right treatment. Small amounts of leakage are often caused by pregnancy, childbirth or menopause in women and prostate surgery in men.

A range of other health problems can cause medium and heavy leakage. In most cases bladder leakage can be cured or improved with the help of a health professional, although it may take up to 12 months for the issues to be resolved. During this time it is vital to use the correct products so you can continue to live your life with confidence and do the activities you enjoy.

Using the wrong product is a big reason why people suffer through bladder leakage and it affects their lives. Many women, and men, will use sanitary pads designed for menstruation as they are too embarrassed or confused about which incontinence specific products to buy.

These products aren’t designed to hold the volume many people require or designed for the male anatomy.

They can also allow odour to build up as they are not designed for urine and this causes damage to the skin. In comparison, some incontinence pads can hold up to one litre (around the volume of two full bladders) and still be discreet and comfortable.

The best products are very thin, eliminate any urine odours and are skin friendly so do not cause irritations. They also dry very quickly (within 20 seconds), and draw the moisture away from the skin.

These are very important features when considering what product you may need, and are not available in all brands.

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