Do that little bit extra

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Have you ever heard someone say or thought yourself, ‘I have been training for ages and I don’t see any changes anymore’.


Maybe that’s why you’re not doing any training; because it seems so hit and miss.


Some people think that the body is some sort of separate entity to themselves and getting results from training is about as sure as picking the right lotto numbers.


If that was true I would be getting my workouts now lifting all the gold bars to hide in my undie drawer.


There are ways to be sure of getting results from your training. But that’s not to say it’s easy. One of the big factors in getting results is the intensity you work at.


Your body works on a needs basis, if you give it something to do and it can do it well, there is no adaptation needed.


How long you do it isn’t the issue. If for the last 10 years you get up every morning and do 10 pushups, your body recognises that need and makes sure it keeps all the parts it needs to maintain that. It doesn’t start improving enough to do 20 pushups. It’s like a child learning their times tables. If they say the 7x tables five times a day for a month, they will get very good at it but they won’t learn their 8x tables.


If someone does the same workout every week, the body will be good at doing it, but to keep the body getting even better they must increase some part of the workout a little. Maybe an extra lap or faster time or a bit heavier weight, not too much but an increase.


The body will recognise the increase and adapt accordingly.


The intensity is only relevant to you. As long as your workout is slowly increasing is all that matters.


When you’re doing your training think ‘is this a little more than I did last time’. When you’re starting, that’s not very much.


Obviously when you are the world’s best athlete at everything, it starts getting a little harder. But I still manage to find ways…


So if your results are not really progressing it’s worth asking, am I creating a need for my body to improve?


No one would lie under a 100 watt light globe and expect to tan, even if you stayed there all day.


But go outside on one of those 40 degree summer days and watch your skin change in 15 minutes. This is your body adapting because it needs to.


Just as it will when you finish your 10 pushups in the morning tomorrow and instead of stopping you go for 11 and maybe you even get most of number 12 out.

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