Outlaws ready for battle

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Now that the NRL season is over, locals have the chance to keep watching football thanks to the upcoming gridiron season, which features a Penrith-based side.


In the heart of Panthers territory, it is a hard task to push a game other than league but each season over 100 locals wear the Penrith Outlaws gear to play American football.


“I am a past union player and one day I decided to have a go of Gridiron and fell in love with it,” Outlaws President, Dani Kaveliata said.


“It’s a hard hitting sport but all sizes, shapes and fitness levels can play.”


American Football, or Gridiron is played with 11 men to a side and is distinguished from other football codes by its use of helmets and shoulder pads, the forward pass, the system of downs, more specialist positions and formations and the use of different players for offense and defense.


The Penrith Outlaws field teams in both the adult (Division One) and Junior (Colts) divisions of the Gridiron NSW competitions.


“I have high hopes for this years competition, we are very confident we will make the play offs,” Mr Kaveliata said.


The NSW 2011 competition is made up of nine teams.


Info: 0407 420 895.

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