What do you want to see in revived Penrith space?

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Penrith community, we at Manufactor have been truly inspired by your passionate responses to the recent post about our city’s future from Happy Hour Media. Your creativity and enthusiasm have sparked our imagination, and now we want to hear directly from you about our exciting space the Re:Melt.

This unique space is within the old copper crane site, and we want it to be a place that truly serves our community’s needs and desires. So, we’re turning to you, our innovative and talented locals, to help shape this exciting new space.

Here’s our big question: If our Re:Melt space could be anything at all, what would you want to see in it?

Let your imagination run wild! Whether it’s cutting-edge technology, art studios, workshops for traditional crafts, or something completely unexpected – we want to hear your ideas. No suggestion is too big or too small.

Maybe you envision a high-tech space with 3D printers and robotics labs? Or perhaps you’d love to see a collaborative area where local artisans can work and teach? How about a recording studio for musicians, or a commercial kitchen for culinary experiments?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Your input will directly influence what we create, so don’t hold back! Together, let’s design a Re:Melt space that truly reflects the spirit and aspirations of Penrith.

We can’t wait to see what incredible ideas you come up with. Let’s make something amazing together!

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