Hog’s Breath Cafe celebrates 35 years in business

Hog's Breath Cafe.
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A momentous year unfolded in 1989 – the Berlin Wall crumbled, the World Wide Web was born, Seinfeld made its debut, Nintendo unleashed the Game Boy, and Taylor Swift entered into this world.

Amidst these milestones 35 years ago, Hog’s Breath Cafe emerged, setting up its flagship restaurant in Airlie Beach on July 4.

Hog’s has since become a beloved icon in Australia’s culinary scene, marking its 35th year with 26 restaurants nationwide.

Two of those restaurants are in our area – located in Penrith and St Marys.

Hog’s Breath Cafe.

With its quirky decor, mouthwatering slow-cooked prime rib, iconic curly fries, and good vibes, the original cafe in Airlie Beach quickly captured hearts. Soon after, a second venue sprang up in Mooloolaba, marking the beginning of a series of family-owned and operated establishments around Australia.

While the world has seen unimaginable change over the past 35 years, Hog’s Breath Cafe has remained a steadfast purveyor of slow-cooked prime rib, curly fries, and good times – or what we fondly call “Hog’spitality”.

Hog’s Breath Cafe CEO, Steve Spurgin, attributes the brand’s endurance across its 26 locations to the welcoming environment and sense of community cultivated in each restaurant.

“These restaurants have always been more than just a place to grab a bite to eat – they’re a hub for bringing people together and a go-to spot for celebrating special occasions and creating lasting memories,” he said.

While the group celebrates 35 years this year, the St Marys location is celebrating a milestone of its own – 25 years in business.

Hog’s Breath Cafe.

To celebrate 35 years, Hog’s Breath Cafe is inviting patrons old and new to join in the festivities throughout the month. Special promotions, events, and exclusive offers will be available at all restaurants.

We’ve got five $50 vouchers to Hog’s Breath Cafe to give away. For your chance to win, email [email protected] with ‘Hogs’ in the subject line. Winners will be notified by email and entries close July 19.

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