Emu Plains, Leonay set to be shifted out of Lindsay

Melissa McIntosh. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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Voters in Emu Plains, Emu Heights and Leonay would be moved into a different Federal electorate under boundary changes proposed by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

The AEC today released its proposed redistribution, which would see more than 10,000 voters in the western parts of the Lindsay electorate shifted to Macquarie.

The Liberal Party’s Melissa McIntosh is the current Member for Lindsay.

The suburbs moving to Macquarie have traditionally voted for the Coalition at recent Federal Elections.

Macquarie MP Susan Templeman said she welcomed the proposed redistribution of suburbs into her Labor electorate.

“I welcome the proposed redistribution that sees the seat of Macquarie retain the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury, and add Emu Plains, Emu Heights and Leonay,” she said.

“This is a really logical expansion. As a long-time lower Mountains resident, I have strong connections already to the area, and the Redistribution Committee has clearly recognised the deep community ties between the villages at the foot of the mountains and the rest of my electorate.

“I’ll continue to work hard for the communities in the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury and I look forward to spending time deepening my understanding of the issues that the face the residents and small businesses of Emu Plains, Emu Heights and Leonay.”

The redistribution would see the electorate of North Sydney abolished with electors moved to the surrounding Divisions of Bennelong, Bradfield, and Warringah.

Federal Member for Lindsay, Melissa McIntosh.

Interestingly, the AEC has essentially declared the Nepean River the border for the Lindsay electorate. That’s despite the impacted suburbs being part of the Penrith Local Government Area.

“I’m sad to lose those areas,” McIntosh said.

“Not too long ago we re-established the ANZAC Day service in Emu Plains and it was beautiful to reconnect everyone for the purpose of ANZAC Day and was a reminder of just how strong that community is.

“I’m pleased I haven’t lost other parts of the electorate. I’ve got the best job in the world and I look forward to continue doing it.”

The Chair of the Committee and Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rogers, said the New South Wales redistribution was required to enable a decrease from 47 to 46 electoral divisions.

“Under the proposal some significant changes would occur, with the boundaries of New South Wales divisions being amended to accommodate the decrease,” Rogers said.

“Forty-five of the existing 47 division names would be retained.”

“The Division of North Sydney would be abolished and the basis for naming the Division of Cook would be expanded to acknowledge former Prime Minister Joseph Cook.”

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