Knife in his undies: Man arrested after threat to neighbour

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A man has been arrested after threatening a neighbour and producing a knife during a police search.

At about 1.30am on Saturday, May 4 police were called to a unit on George Street, Kingswood.

The call came after a resident in the unit block was allegedly banging loudly on a door and yelling for the occupants to come out.

The man banging on the door, a 21-year-old man, was making threats to injure the occupant.

A short time later the 21-year-old left and returned to his unit.

Police attended and have spoken with the occupant of the unit before speaking with the 21-year-old. Police then left the scene.

A short time later the 21-year-old again attended the neighbour’s unit where he again made threats. Police returned and arrested the 21-year-old, he was then taken to Penrith Police Station.

The 21-year-old was told he would be searched, and it is alleged he handed police a knife that was located in his underpants.

He will appear in Penrith Local Court on Tuesday, May 14.

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